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Search Engine Plus 23.04.04

No Image fields) can be suppressed from displaying on the search report. This removes broken links when such empty fields (eg. image, URL and e-mail fields) are referenced.

The software can sort the search result in ascending or decending order based on any single database field selected by your user or specified by you.

You can allow your user to "exclude" the display of certain category of records when searching the database.

The software allows

SmartForms 1.00: Validates 11 types of form fields and sends the form data to you by email
SmartForms 1.00

fields - Receive the data by email or send it to your own script. - Make your forms Smart Forms! Make your forms user friendly. Ensure that required information is entered. Ensure that the information is valid. Protect your forms against hackers. Validate 11 types of form fields. Receive the form input by email (optional). SmartForms can do all this using the latest AJAX technology. It combines the ease and user-friendliness of client side javascript

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Password Organizer 2.1: Store all of your login information and authorizations in this secure database
Password Organizer 2.1

user name and password combination. With the Password Organizer you can save all of your user names and passwords as searchable database records that can be recalled by performing a simple query. And, there are several other useful fields included such as the contact, phone number, URL, and comments fields, which can be used for including more detailed information. For example, by completing the URL field you can hyperlink directly to a website and

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Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage 9.5: Create calculations involving ACT! fields using 80+ supported functions.
Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! by Sage 9.5

Abacus Calculated Fields for ACT! now brings you the ability to calculate fields, copy fields, manipulate data and produce results dependent on data within other fields all within a simple, easy-to-use interface. Make calculations in Contact, Group or Company fields based on data within other fields and over 80 supported functions. Assign a formula to a field (make the field auto "calculated"). Use "if" and "case" statements to build scenarios.

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Book Tracker Collector Edition 5.1: Catalog a library or large book collection with this easy to use program.
Book Tracker Collector Edition 5.1

user interface which allows the collector to view most of the data on the primary screen. This makes it easy to quickly search, sort, and scan through books. Each book has 24 information fields including librarian fields, a book cover image, and a large note section. Other fields include author, title, ISBN, publisher, condition, purchase price, edition, review, and publish date. A majority of these fields can be customized to whatever you need for

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IBLogScript Scripting tool for data changes replication and cancel (Interbase RDBMS family)

FIELDS etc.) 2. User`s directions Just specify database file name, user name, password and script type (reproducing - canceling) and execute (F9), then save resulting script in file or copy it to clipboard. To show in script date and user info (who and when made this data change) set checkbox "Include date and user comments" to true. You can also restrict period of data changes that will be included in resulting script by specifying right period

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AccessForms2Web (PHP and MySQL Editon) 2.1.0: Convert your Microsoft Access forms to php+mysql driven WEB-pages using AJAX.
AccessForms2Web (PHP and MySQL Editon) 2.1.0

fields with data from the fields of your Access tables. During conversion elements` position, color pallette and fields type are saved. You have an opportunity to place your MS Access forms at Web page directly via FTP connection or save your forms to a local folder at your computer for future uploading. AccessForms2Web supports Unicode that allows you to make language special symbols displayed correctly. The program gives users an opportunity to

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